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The 1000 Calorie Challenge

Sounds scary but the 1000 calorie challenge is actually a very good diet program. The main idea behind it is losing weight with exercises that eventually add up to 1000 calories lost per day. The program works for every body type as long as you can do some basic exercises. There are more advanced exercises but the program is flexible. For those determined to lose weight you can choose to do some 1000 calorie days. Once or twice a week you may choose to only eat 1000 calories for that day.

This all adds up to weight loss without crash dieting. It does not negatively effect your metabolism. When you suddenly stop eating so many calories your body goes into fat storing mode and you don’t lose weight. But with the 1000 calorie challenge you are using exercise and diet for lots of weight loss. In fact if anything, this program should help your metabolism.

I have been on this program for only two weeks. I love the paleo diet but in my case I need to lose more weight. This program enables me to still eat paleo foods; and I will just eat much less on my 1000 calorie days.

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